Work, Fish and Chips.

Another great day! This week has been kind to me.

Today, Lauren and I ventured into the great snowy depths of… Newcastle. It was a work day, as I went to interview my good friend and groovy dude Ian Parkin for the magazine. Lauren took some awesome pictures of the studio as well, which was all cool, I can’t wait to see how those turned out šŸ™‚

I forgot that the humble dictaphone is my nemesis. I have no idea why, but it makes me nervous. No one is even going to hear what’s on it apart from me, you don’t listen to an article. But I still hate it, and spent a lot of time saying, “and stuff like that… yeah”, when I should be speaking like someone with a brain. That being said, though, things went well, and Ian gave a smashing interview. Super excited to get that one out after New Years.

After we did that, Lauren and I went for our dinner and a glass of Jager and monster. I ended up with a jug somehow, but it’s not like I was going to complain about that. The Goose does a really cool fish and chips dish, where the fish is battered JUST RIGHT and it’s really crunchy but it’s still tasty, so this made for a very happy Mel, ready to go outside and battle the cold again!

Writing was also pretty satisfying today. I managed to write two articles that no one had even touched upon yet, which is always my favourite thing to do. Sometimes it’s hard to do that, and you have to end up linking to what other people have already said, so it’s nice to have something completely original to write about- keeps things fun and exciting!

Still no uni work done today. I will just have to start again tomorrow, I think!

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