Before I go to bed tonight, I want to show off my super cool doll that the awesome Paul Sayce sent to me today in the post. Isn’t he lovely? He’s definitely finding a cool spot in my room πŸ˜‰

Today was pretty groovy, but it went by so fast! I had two hours of uni which weren’t horrid (rare occurrence for a Care Ed lecture!), then I went to see Ian to talk about Thursday, where he’s given me the daunting task of choosing two colours for my gypsy head- one for the flower in her hair, and one for her necklace. It’s a lot to think about, you know! Right now, I’m thinking about giving her an orange rose, because orange is my favourite colour. I may leave the necklace up to him, as he’ll know far better than I do about what will go best.

I also saw my groovy pal Paul McCartney (not that one) today in town. We caught up over a couple of drinks in the Hancock, which was fun. Then it was off home where I fell asleep for a bit then shouted at my computer because there was nothing at all worth writing about- DAYUM! I’ll have to work extra hard tomorrow to relieve my guilt.

Right, now I’m off to watch the Goonies and go to sleep, hope you all had a good day!

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