So today was slightly cool, slightly boring. I’ve handed in my dissertation proposal though, thank god for that! I wish I could say I can forget about uni work until January now, but hell no- still have LOTS of assignments and work to do. Dayum!

On a brighter note though, look at all this crap I have for my wall! I actually did something productive today, and bought some frames for all of these, so they can go on my wall. Two of them are by my friend Ian, another two Paul Sayce sent to me (as you’ll know from yesterday, of course) and one is a Myke Chambers print from a magazine. I’ve also got a groovy new flash print on the way too, squee! Everything’s going up tomorrow, joining all the other cool artwork on my crappy walls for some constant inspiration. Good times!

Oh, and I did all of my Christmas shopping last night in my PJs- thanks,!

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