Insomnia is going to Ruin my Life.

… but I guess that’s not too much of a big deal. I mean, I’m only 21, it’s not like I’ve had the time to build such an awesome life to ruin. At around 1.30 this morning, I told Lauren there was no point in going to sleep, because I wouldn’t be able to wake up to get to a lecture in the morning.

Ignored my own ‘logic’. Went to sleep. Woke up at 12.

I know, I’m a genius. I have no idea what’s up with me never being able to sleep at night, like. I don’t really worry about stuff, and I’m so used to all the creepy noises and whatnot in my house that I probably couldn’t sleep without them, so I know it’s nothing that’s on my mind at night. Maybe I’m just mental.

Ah well, I can so sweet FA about missing those lectures now, so I might as well do some work! Today’s another dissertation/writing day, but it’s a lot easier now so it should be piss easy. Awesome!

Sorry, this isn’t a re-blogged picture or anything related to Harry fucking Potter, so I’d be surprised if half of you guys read this. I’ll bring some lolz next time for you all. In the meantime, here’s a dinosaur picture which makes me laugh:

Oh yeah, and while I’m here- if you’re following me and you think I’m being a total wanker by not following back, just let me know. For some reason, Tumblr’s stopped emailing me when people follow.

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