Honestly, I haven’t harnessed an immense ability to trip balls sober, I really did see two Victorian people rowing down the street in a boat in Newcastle yesterday evening. What the Hell?!

Sorry the picture’s so blurry by the way- that happens when two people are rowing away quickly and you don’t want to chase them for something you’ll probably just stick on Tumblr and forget about.

So yes, yesterday I saw the Jackass film with Joe, Laura and Dan. It was awesome, I had make up down my face from laughing so hard the whole way through, haha. Ended up staying out in town, then off to Dan’s later on. I wouldn’t usually stay out when I’ve got so much work to do, but y’know what? That was the first time all week I’d even been out properly, and next week will be Hell, so I thought I’d make the most of it, haha.

Speaking of Hell, I’ve finished my literature review for university. Schwiiiiiiing! Shame I still have to look at my research methods, write an abstract and such-like! I can’t wait for this proposal to be handed in, I feel like I’ve been neglecting work, especially Tattoo.TV’s news page. This makes me very sad indeed.

On a lighter note though, the votes are in for the Eircom awards tomorrow- so here’s hoping we win! Actually, I’ll stick a reminder up on here now for voting…


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