Totally just ordered myself this print from Brad Tompkins.

I know I should stop buying books and art prints and stuff, but whatever. You’ve got to have an interest in something.

Today’s a kind of boring work day. Again! I’d love to tell you all I’m off skydiving and exploring, but I’m not. I’m here in my room, tidying and writing. They’re both going terribly- I need a new bookcase before this place can be called tidy, and I need to write a lot more words before I can say I’m working, haha.

A super cool tattoo artist called Antonio Proietti sent me some of his work for the site today, you should probably check it out. Also, the boss man’s been talking more about the Eircom Awards, so I hope you’ve all voted for Tattoo.TV, my pretties.

Until next time, groovy dudes.


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