((Look out- potentially incoherent ramblings here, yo!))

I’m currently going over a few ideas in my head for some more thoughtful articles I can write. Writing the news is great, but it’s too easy now, and I love a challenge. The problem begins with one article I really want to write. A love letter, if you will, for the custom tattoo.

I’d love to write about my recent experiences of almost regret of a tattoo which someone I disliked also had. I’d also like to write about the moment I thought “fuck it!”, and re-learned to love it completely, perhaps even more than before.

But, how the hell do you write your personal experiences in a way that people will really care about? What’s too personal? Would I potentially piss enough people off? Those are the questions that are going around my head.

Am I pissed off? Hell no- I love the challenge 😉

I also love the typewriter in this picture- one day, I want an antique typewriter, for sure.


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