Sorry I haven’t been posting on this blog much. I’ve been busy, y’know, having a life and stuff.

Anyway, cool things have been happening, and everything is good. I have awesome plans that I’m dying to tell everyone in the world, but it’s not really very polite to talk about shit you haven’t even done yet, amiright? Let’s just say some awesome stuff is going to happen, and I’m super happy with it 😀

Aside from hanging out with Chris today, playing Fable II (awesome) and hearing his band’s new songs (super awesome), I’m also happy my groovy new X Men DVD came. I used to watch these shows all the time, so now I’ve decided I just don’t have enough DVDs (lie) and I’m going to buy these too. It was Sarah who pointed the DVDs out to me, but you know I’m going to be an arsehole and not bother saying thanks for that.

So yeah, tonight’s POA: dissertation stuff, X Men and maybe some more writing in between for a few things, if I can keep my eyes open.

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