Does he look like a bitch?!

I love sitting watching films with Chris at my house. I mean, I’d like it a lot more if I had a decently sized bed and a massive TV, but we’re usually content enough. It’s groovy. You’ll never guess what we watched today. Pulp Fiction? Well how the hell did you know that?!

The rest of my day was cool enough. Oh yeah, except I hate the Internet.

Well, I don’t really hate the Internet. It makes me job a lot easier. I can update my site, talk to editors and interview someone from the other side of the world with the Internet. Someone else out there has a very different idea of that.

I noticed it today, in a trackback email to my website: some idiot, who runs a “blog” called Daily Phones (I won’t link it and give him the satisfaction), copied one of my articles word for word. Who the hell does that?!

I wouldn’t have minded, if perhaps a paragraph was used, and credited properly to my site. I wouldn’t have minded if they’d used one of the pictures I’d taken from my iPod for their own use either. But they didn’t, they took the whole thing and didn’t even mention the fact I’d written it!

Like my friend Hayley said today, nothing is safe these days. If you’re not stealing content, you’re stealing music, you’re using social networking to put down others or you’re doing a bunch of other crap you’d never do away from your keyboard. What the hell gives?

In other news… well, there is no other news, to be honest. I haven’t been paid yet, so I can’t afford to have other news, haha. We’re off to see the Scott Pilgrim film on Thursday though, when I do have money, and I CAN’T WAIT. Seriously, that film looks like it was made for dorks like Chris and me.

Oh, and I love this album, all of a sudden:

This blog post was brought to you today by the film director Quentin Tarintino and the band Alexisonfire.

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