I wish I had my own R2D2. It would be so awesome. I think when I’m rich, I’m going to pay someone to make me one- imagine having an R2D2?!

Just to make your imagination go crazy, R2D2 has:

  • A rocket booster
  • A claw!
  • A Holoprojector
  • Lightsaber Compartment
  • Smoke screen
  • Air mattress
  • Jukebox
  • And loads of other really cool shit.

Can you imagine owning something that did all that? It’s basically the robot equivalent of the iPhone 10- y’know, the inevitable phone which will grab you a paninni from Northumbria’s SU bar, iron your clothes and cuddle you after sex (with a human, robot sex is wrong).

I think this week I’ll work some more on becoming rich, so I can get someone to make me this amazing piece of art. Yeah, he’s art.


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