It’s just as hard as the Old Games too

Today I have been mostly… playing Scott Pilgrim vs The World on my iPod. Not much else to be honest, since Paypal is being mean and not giving me money I’m owed for a couple of projects I did last week- thank god this is a free game, right?

I’m addicted. Honestly, this game is fantastic, and the little extras you get with it are amazing for something that’s free! Anyone who read the byline my friend Alex Guest gave me for my article in Tattoo Master (which I think I may use myself!) knows I’m a sucker for an old school game, and this is the best one which has come out lately 🙂 The only problem I have with it? IT’S SOLID! I can barely make it past the second guy- dayum.

Anyway, yeah, I thought this would be a lot cooler than “Oh hai I did absolutely nothing today and these holidays kind of suck” 😉

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