Tattoo Stuff / Potato Tour 2015

Before I start, I should probably mention the fact that I’ve been writing again! Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how long you say you’re quitting writing for a bit, because something comes along that really makes you want to write. I’m not going to deny myself; it’s my website! Funnily enough, there were three things at once that I felt like talking about:

Screenshot (2)


Standing on the Shoulders of Giants is a really awesome documentary by Stewart Robson about Frith Street Tattoo, and you need to check it out if you haven’t already. It’s all about the guys that work/worked there, their influences, and how the shop is basically its own living breathing entity these days. It’s a really great documentary that I would totally recommend, and I appreciate Stewart sending it over for me!

The International London Tattoo Convention images


I was also sent over a press release for the next London Tattoo Convention. It looks amazing. The thing I’m most interested in is the new Ed Hardy exhibition that’s going to be there- I was actually really surprised to learn that he’s never exhibited his work at a tattoo convention before, so this will be a first. Very cool!



Finally, Total Tattoo Magazine did something really awesome on the cover of their latest issue. Instead of the usual ‘alt-model’ (yawn), they put a hand drawn and painted picture of a woman instead. I’ve been saying for ages that this is how it should be, so it’s great to see the guys taking a chance and going with it. Love this cover!

So, there’s that! Another cool thing I did last week was fly over to Northern Ireland to see Stu’s best friend get married. Northern Ireland is lovely- it’s very green, or at least it is to someone who lives in a city! Look:


I saw awesome things like a big waterfall in Glenariff (hope I spelled that right!) and Tor’s Head:

11949503_10153744268358974_7994827046588194299_n 11887913_10153248440373952_6647701997751073653_n

I saw an absolutely lovely couple get married too, and met some wonderful people! Considering I knew three people there, one of them being Stu, I never once felt awkward or weird, because Stu’s friends are all so friendly. Big thanks to Shishki and Catherine for inviting me to their wedding, to Andy for the awesome BBQ at his amazing house, and everyone else for just being belter!

It’s all back to normal though for now, especially since I don’t have many holidays left at work anymore! I’m back to painting my nails and then playing my bass to chip it all off (idiot), eating too much junk and then regretting it, and watching loads and loads of Dashie videos.

Mario, Dinosaurs, and Mix Tapes

I’ve come to realise that the reason I’m crap at keeping a blog is that I’m actually pretty awful at talking about myself. When I was a teenager, I kept one of those awful livejournal blogs daily, because I was younger and fucking full of myself, but now I never see the point in talking about things on a blog. I keep a normal diary, and I talk to those I know about my day, and that’s it! I think that this is how it should be, because we talk about ourselves way too much online, and we’re just over-sharing the same bullshit.

At the same time, I do like to have a space online where I can just write about what ever I want. I might write posts about what I’ve been up to, I might write about things I’ve seen, or it might be something else entirely.

With that being said, here are some things I found online lately that I just had to share:

Jurrassic Park: 90s kids remake

Two kids in the 90s got their video camera and their Jurrassic Park toys, and made what is probably the best ever fan remake of a film ever. For some reason this is only just coming to light now that the new Jurrassic World film is out.

Mario Mods are a Thing

Did you know that you can play Mario as Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, or one of the KKK? Now you do. Modded ROMs are hardly a new thing, but I’ve only just realised how popular they are, and they’re fun as fuck.

If you want to use some of these ROMs, a good place to start is this page- it’s in Italian, but you’ll be able to get the jist of what most of them say.



Wu Tang vs The Beatles

I just think this might be the best mix tape ever created.

You can find loads more mix tapes at DatPiff, but I doubt you’ll find any as good as this.

Anyway, that was a small update from me. You might see a few more updates in the next coming weeks, as like I said it’s good to have a space to write about whatever I want. Catch y’all on the flip!

RIP Bob Baxter

Today I heard that Bob Baxter has passed away. I don’t really want to write a massive post, but I’d like to put up at least something out of respect. Bob was a really cool guy, and I had a lot of fun working with him. Bob gave me a break guest blogging with Tattoo Road Trip when other people probably wouldn’t, and he even did his best to make me sound much cooler than I actually was. He was always super nice, and I learned a lot from him. I’m really sad to see Bob go, and I hope that his family are all doing ok.

Safe journey, Bob. x


Things have been lovely and quiet lately- I absolutely love it. I think that, after being so busy for such a long time, it’s so good to be spending some time chilled out. I do love to write, but it feels brilliant to be able to come home after work and do as little as possible.

Obviously, because of this, I know I’ve been pretty quiet. I’m still waiting for the summer, but I’ve had some fun things to do as well. I had the absolute honour of photographing my friends Nikki and David for their wedding at the end of last month, which was fantastic fun. I’d love to share all of my photos with you, but I think they’re a very private and personal thing, so there’s just the one above in the headers. I’d love to do something like that again.

This weekend is a long weekend for me, so I’m pretty content today! I do miss my little blog though, so I’ll probably start updating this a lot more often once I’m quite happy that I’ve had a good break.

I hope you guys have a great Easter holiday! :)

Waiting for Spring

I feel as if I’m always waiting for better weather around here. I can’t wait for Spring to come along, so I can take more photos and enjoy being outside again. The Winter really sucks! I want good weather- hopefully it won’t be too soon, considering I took this photo in April last year:


Just one more month, then I’ll be okay!

If you follow Tattoosday UK, you may have noticed my update on there this afternoon. If not, here’s the Spark Notes version: I’ve decided that I won’t be updating that blog very often anymore. I think I’ve said all I wanted to say, and for it to be running for six years is kind of cool anyway.

I had actually written more on this to put here, but I think it’s all been said. I’m not going to disappear, of course- I make too much noise for that! I’m just focusing my attention on other things. Thanks for reading the blog for so long, though!

Hopefully the weather will get much better, and I’ll have even better photos to show you soon.

Hire Me.

After spending six years writing about tattooing, it’s inevitable that anyone would get to a point where they’d want to branch out a little. I love tattooing completely, but I need to stretch my legs.

I’ve started to look for work that challenges my knowledge and skills. I also think that it’s worth me using these skills to bring some extra money in. When you live on your own, you become much more aware of money.

I’ve spent some time today polishing up this old blog, adding newer pictures and information to the ‘photography’ and ‘writing’ pages. I’ve also added a contact page where you can send me an email right from the blog. Look to the very top of this page to see them.

I’ve even got a CV- I know, I mean business, guys.

Click to view!

I’ll be spending a lot of time on this in the next few weeks, but don’t start thinking my other work will suffer- Tattoosday UK is back today! After taking a couple of weeks off, I’ve brought the site back today, so you can check that out too today.


If you’re a tattooer with some news to share, feel free to contact me so that I can get it up on the site for you!

I desperately need tea and sleep, so I’ll leave other updates for another day. I have some new things hopefully on the way, which would be awesome to share with you guys.


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