Benson’s Bikes

I really need to update this blog! Before then, though, we’ve finally got ourselves on track with selling Benson’s old bikes! This has been a lot of work (mostly from Stu!) so it’d be great if you guys could check out what we have, and share with anyone you think would be into this kind of thing.

My dad really loved his bikes, so this is great stuff! Click on the the links below  to see more – you can also get in touch with me here if you want.

Also! We have made a bit of a discovery in the sheds. Please watch this space for more info soon. 🙂

Honda H100S (project, spares, repairs)

Various BSA Motorcycle Parts

Various Honda Motorcycle Parts

Honda CB125 frame and engine (project, spares, repairs)

Never Meet your Heroes, but See them Live as much as Possible.

Normally I pretend I’m too busy to keep up to date with a blog. Well, I’ve got a week off work right now so I suppose there are no excuses.

This week has been pretty boss. Stu bought me the best Christmas present ever last year, two tickets to see The Cure, and we finally went this week! The Cure are the best band in the world and their set was amazing. I am so buzzed still! It was the best!

Do I have shitty photos taken all the way from the back? You bet I do.
Manchester is a pretty cool place, and they have a Fab Cafe there too. I used to visit the Fab Cafe in Leeds quite often when Joni lived there so it was great to see this one too. We had a pretty good game of Streets of Rage and Street Fighter before the gig. Newcastle totally needs a Fab Cafe.
I really like Manchester; it’s a cool place to visit. The people there are really proud of the music scene they have and they have some cool record shops and coffee places.
Now that last year’s Christmas present has finally been received, I need to sort out this year’s. This is great in some ways, as we’ll be up to some cool stuff during Christmas (which I can’t really put online yet!) but it also means the whole present buying thing which is lame because it means too many people will be in the city centre from now until the end of January! Hopefully, I will survive it. If not, don’t let Paul touch my stuff when I am gone.

The Lake

I’d written this originally on the WordPress Android app, but my tablet decided it wasn’t meant to be.

Instead, here’s a photo anyway. The lake looked really awesome yesterday evening.


Oh, and I’m working on something new, by the way. Watch this space.


Hey guys,

There is a new place just opened up in Northern Ireland and I’d love for you to check it out! My pals Jackie and Trish have opened up Taste, and it’ll be the best place to eat in the country; truth.


You can find Taste. here:

Whenever I’m away from home (let’s be honest, even when I’m at home), I love finding new places to eat – hotel breakfasts suck ass! If you’re ever near Ballymoney, I promise it’ll be worth your time. Even if you are in Ballymoney, you need to visit – food places are affordable enough these days so they don’t need to be a rare treat anymore. Plus, there are six different kinds of chips – six! Shove that up your arse, Five Guys!

Click here to visit Taste. on Facebook!! 

Coming Soon: The Big North Tattoo Show

A tattoo convention in my home town, hosted by two groups of awesome people I used to work for – this could be my most shamelessly biased post yet.

North Rose Tattoo

For what feels like forever, everyone has been saying that there needs to be another great show in Newcastle. In fact, for years, I have been saying this to Mr Martin McIver, because it makes absolutely no sense that there hasn’t been one for such a long time. Finally, a lightbulb has gone off in his head, and he (and the other Tattoo.TV guys) have teamed up with the mighty Total Tattoo Magazine, to put on the Big North Tattoo Show. YAAAS!

The Big North Tattoo Show is still a little while off, as it’s on the 29th-30th of April, but it’s worth getting excited about now. It will be at the Metro Radio Arena (that’s the Telewest Arena to some of you), so you know that when they say it’ll be big they’re not playing. It’s not really like me to be excited for a show that doesn’t have…

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Chilled bitch.

Life has been a bit busy lately – at least, too busy to blog. That’s my usual excuse, but whenever I go to actually write something I don’t really have too much to say, so I mustn’t really be that busy.

North Rose has been my main priority lately, and even then I haven’t been updating it as much as I used to update Tattoosday UK. That’s perfectly ok, though – I don’t want writing to be a chore, which it used to be. I used to write so that I had enough time to do everything else I wanted to do, like it was something I needed to get out of the way. Now I just pick it up whenever I want to, and people are lovely enough to come back when I post.

I’ve been doing a few bits and pieces as far as photography goes, too, but I’m always just taking my time. I’m not all about getting on with the next thing anymore, which is pretty awesome because I can have way more fun. Plus, with photography, you get to hang out with people’s dogs.


So yeah, if you have noticed that I’m not updating things as often as I used to, it’s because I’m chilling out to fuck and enjoying my life. At the same time, I do feel like I want to do more writing, so you might see more very soon. Thanks for sticking around with me either way, my dudes!


Ferank Manseed: Update

Hey guys!
It’s been a little while, but I’m going to kick-start this blog for the billionth time. Watch this space! For now, here’s an update from North Rose.

North Rose Tattoo

Hey guys,

Just a quick update: the Northside Tattoo fundraiser for Ferank Manseed has been confirmed:


All tattooers will be ready and waiting on the day for walk ins I’m sure, but it’s always best to make enquiries before you leave the house so you’re not disappointed. You can do that by clicking here to visit the guys’ Facebook page.

When you’re a tattooer, it’s really unlikely (to put it lightly!) that you’ll ever have paid sickness leave- you’re pretty much self employed, so every day you’re not working is a struggle! This is why it’s so important that everyone bands together as much as they can when one of us is in need. If you can’t make it, or can’t afford anything, at least make sure to spread the word, please. Ferank is a really cool guy so it’s no surprise how many people want to help and support…

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