Waiting for Spring

I feel as if I’m always waiting for better weather around here. I can’t wait for Spring to come along, so I can take more photos and enjoy being outside again. The Winter really sucks! I want good weather- hopefully it won’t be too soon, considering I took this photo in April last year:


Just one more month, then I’ll be okay!

If you follow Tattoosday UK, you may have noticed my update on there this afternoon. If not, here’s the Spark Notes version: I’ve decided that I won’t be updating that blog very often anymore. I think I’ve said all I wanted to say, and for it to be running for six years is kind of cool anyway.

I had actually written more on this to put here, but I think it’s all been said. I’m not going to disappear, of course- I make too much noise for that! I’m just focusing my attention on other things. Thanks for reading the blog for so long, though!

Hopefully the weather will get much better, and I’ll have even better photos to show you soon.

Ann’s Aviary

Photographing an aviary is weird, but awesome. On Sunday, I went to see my best friend’s mam and her aviary, as she wanted some photos of the birds. Here are a couple of shots:

Hire Me.

After spending six years writing about tattooing, it’s inevitable that anyone would get to a point where they’d want to branch out a little. I love tattooing completely, but I need to stretch my legs.

I’ve started to look for work that challenges my knowledge and skills. I also think that it’s worth me using these skills to bring some extra money in. When you live on your own, you become much more aware of money.

I’ve spent some time today polishing up this old blog, adding newer pictures and information to the ‘photography’ and ‘writing’ pages. I’ve also added a contact page where you can send me an email right from the blog. Look to the very top of this page to see them.

I’ve even got a CV- I know, I mean business, guys.

Click to view!

I’ll be spending a lot of time on this in the next few weeks, but don’t start thinking my other work will suffer- Tattoosday UK is back today! After taking a couple of weeks off, I’ve brought the site back today, so you can check that out too today.


If you’re a tattooer with some news to share, feel free to contact me so that I can get it up on the site for you!

I desperately need tea and sleep, so I’ll leave other updates for another day. I have some new things hopefully on the way, which would be awesome to share with you guys.

Total Tattoo Feature: Out Now

Why wait ages for me to update this shitty blog when you can pay real life money to read my words of wisdom? You can buy Total Tattoo right now for a chance to see what went down when Stu and I went to the North East Tattoo Expo. You’ll have until the first Thursday of next month to buy it in the shops, before it’s confined to back-issues online and through the Total Tattoo website. Both the words and pictures are by me, so you’re all very fucking lucky.

1471281_10152858183029729_3912954446518452337_nI would like to get back into blogging a bit more, but unfortunately life gets in the way a little bit! There’s no point in keeping a blog about what you’re up to if you’re spending half of your time updating the thing. We’ll see what happens, though. Until then, buy my shit, guys. ;)


New Project Coming Soon

Yeah yeah, I suck at keeping a blog, whatever. 

Things have been a bit mental since the fundraiser- it’s still actually going, though I think things have come to a bit of a halt. I think it’s this ice bucket bullshit. Sorry if this pisses on your bonfire, but I hate the ice bucket challenge. Millions of people every year die from not having clean water, but because they’re not trending on Twitter, it’s apparently okay to spite them for a trendier cause. 

Since everyone has been donating to other causes, they’re now at a point where they’re too skint to donate to anyone else. This sucks, because I have a t-shirt the Fun Lovin’ Criminals donated up on a JustGiving page right now, and no one is donating. It’s a signed t-shirt that the guys did especially for the fundraiser, and no one wants it?! That is insane. 

fun-lovinI’m still amazed by how much we managed to raise- not far from £3,000! Wow! I’m seriously impressed and humbled by the amount managed to raise. There are still a few prints and things lying around, and I’m trying to figure out what to do with them. I might sell them, with 100% of the cost still going to Macmillan, plus postage and packaging. I’ll take a look at what our options are.

I’m already thinking about the next cool thing I want to do with the site. I’m bored of it all being just a blog. It’s dull doing the same thing all the time. The fundraiser was brilliant for a great change and a chance to do something good, but it has to end eventually. 

I’ve already started with plans for the next thing, but I’m playing it pretty close to my chest right now. I’ve posted something up on the site for it, though, here. From the post:

  • I’m on the lookout for anyone who would like to be a part of this. You could be a tattooer, a writer, a graphic designer, or anyone else who is interested in taking part in something web-based around tattooing.

  • This will be a bit of a punk project- by that I mean that we’re not out to make money (honestly, I am skint!). All I want is a group of people who take pride in what they do, who wants to positively promote and be a part of a community that celebrates an art form that we love. If you don’t love tattooing, or you just want to do this to ‘be seen’, please don’t get in touch. 

  • While this is totally unpaid for us all, this is a great opportunity for those who want some experience in writing or design. You can add this to your portfolio, and there are fantastic opportunities for those who love covering events. Just because you don’t earn money, doesn’t mean you can’t save a few quid on convention tickets or tattoo-related books!

  • You need a good balance between wanting to be a good writer/blogger/designer/whatever, and an interest in tattooing. If you don’t, you need to show you’re keen to get to that point. If you don’t care about either, you’ll be shit.

If you feel like you’d be interested in this, please get in touch!

Apart from that, not too much has been happening. Actually, lots has been happening, but I’m too lazy to talk about it. Here’s some photos instead:



Tattoosday UK’s Charity Fundraiser!

I have been so busy lately, it’s been unreal. There’s been stuff with work, there’s been…. well, it’s mostly work. I’ve been exhausted lately with it; it’s been a bit mental.


However, I have managed to find the time to do something super special. We’re having a fundraiser! Yes!

The Tattoosday UK fundraiser will benefit Macmillan. They’re an amazing charity who really helped us last year when my dad had cancer. My dad lost his battle, but that doesn’t take away all of the hard work they put in to helping him out. They’re immense, and people need to support them.

So far, this is in its baby stages, but we already have a blog! Click here to check it out.


When I first set this up, I thought the best thing to do would be speaking to some of my best friends in tattooing. Even though they are my friends, I loved how quickly they were on board with it, and how super supportive they’ve been! Here are some confirmed tattooers:

  • Rat
  • Nigel Kurt
  • Hayley Parkin
  • Dan Lake
  • Gary Wiedenhof
  • Mark Bester
  • Gray Silva
  • Sharron Caudill
  • Adam Caudill
  • Remo Barcellone
  • Mikee Cue
  • Lee Reynolds
  • Lauren Spoors

We also have a donation from the Fun Lovin’ Criminals! Yeah, really!

I’m writing this on Wednesday, so who knows who else has confirmed in this time!

I am super excited for this, and I hope you guys are too. Wish me luck, fuckers!


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